Distance Counseling

I you want to experience counseling but have a busy schedule or prefer not to visit a therapy office, distance-based counseling may be for you!



How will we meet?

We will meet via an encrypted, HIPPA compliant platform, called VSee. This essentially means that your data is private and confidential. You can easily download VSee onto your computer or phone. We will connect there.

What can I expect?

You can expect the same quality of attention, curiosity, and care that you would receive from me in my counseling office. You can also rest assured that our online counseling space is compliant with the most updated requirements regarding the provision of distance-based counseling services.

Once we set an appointment, I'll e-mail you forms to fill out. We'll go over a little housekeeping together where I'll gather some basic information from you andanswer any questions you have about counseling. We'll begin to talk through what brings you in and how you hope our time in counseling together will help you with what you are currently going through. We'll begin to get to know one another, we'll get a more solid sense of what your goals are (or may be in the future), and I'll be happy to offer guidance and feedback as to how Internal Family Systems therapy (as well as other modalities I am trained in) may help you to manage what you are going through and find true relief and healing.can

Here is a photo of what the platform will "look" like from your perspective:

what are the benefits of distance counseling?

Those who have given positive feedback about their distance-based counseling with me are people who are in the following scenarios: 

  • People who travel frequently.
  • People who wish to experience counseling around a certain area of their life but either do not want to travel to a local therapy office or are not able to for a variety of reasons.
  • New moms and dads.
  • People who understand the "internal" nature of Internal Family Systems counseling and who wish to do this work from the comfort of their home.
  • People who wish for their counseling process to fit fluidly into their lives, and who do not wish to drive to and from a counseling office.

Are there any limitations?


  • I am licensed in Missouri and Rhode Island, so I can only accept new clients who currently reside in those states.
  • There are body-language and emotional cues that may be less clear in a video-based distance-counseling platform.
  • Technical issues, like delayed feedback. 

How much does it cost?

Fees for distance work cost the same as regular counseling fees.

How do I book an appointment?

Call me or fill out of my contact form.