Try this mini-IFS exercise: "No Part Left Behind"

Hi Everyone!

Thanks so much for being patient with my website as I change photos, content, etc! I appreciate you visiting my blog and Facebook page, even while I am sorting out kinks.

I writing this post to share this 9 minute guided meditation by Frank Anderson. It's an excerpt from an Internal Family Systems (IFS) training and includes a strait-forward mini-IFS exercise.

What I love about this meditation is that it can help you to begin (or continue) your parts work while you are at home!

Doing parts work with the guidance of a therapist or coach is such an invaluable experience. You can get feedback during your session, and you get to process your experience with another person once you're done. But like any practice, it's helpful to practice between sessions.

Try this meditation to bring some ease to your IFS home practice.

At times, parts work can be arduous and bring about meaningful transformation - but it can also be lighthearted and fun! Give it a go :)

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** By the way, click here if you're wondering, "what is a part?"