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7 qualities of water that you should emulate in your personal life

Written on October 19, 2009 by    Srinivas    in    Uncategorized

Written on October 19, 2009 by Srinivas in Uncategorized

In his translation of the Tao Te Ching, Change your Thoughts Change Your Mind, Wayne Dyer makes a reference to the qualities of water. When you think about it, water really is an absolutely amazing substance and can give us a really amazing metaphor for life. Considering it covers three fourths of the earth, makes up three fourths of your body, and should technically be three fourths of your diet, it may very well be the root of life experience and the qualities of water transcend beyond our physical experience.

7 Qualities of Water We Should aim to Emulate in our Lives

Be Still: With a world of information overload, quieting the mind, and doing absolutely nothing is challenging these days. Yet, the health and mental benefits of being still and quieting the mind have been written about and explored endlessly. If you’ve ever sat and stared at a completely still body of water, you may have noticed that it has a very calming effect on the nerves.

Be calm: Sometimes you just need to calm your nerves. I know people who constantly make a big deal out of small things. That is absolutely horrible for you and the people around you. When you are calm, you make much more intelligent decisions. My dad always told me “You should never make any important decisions in your life when you are angry.” The times I haven’t followed that advice, I’ve done some pretty stupid things.

Be dynamic: Water is dynamic in so many ways. It’s constantly changing. Perhaps that’s the explanation for the addiction that most surfers seem to have to riding waves. Every wave is different, every time you paddle out it’s different, and the rush never gets old. If you learn to be dynamic you’ll bring the spice back to your life. I’m not married so I can’t speak to it. But, if you’ve ever seen the movies where couples seem to be so engaged in a routine that they are bored out of their minds, it’s likely that they have lost the ability to be dynamic.

Be flexible: If there’s one absolutely amazing characteristic of water, it’s that it has unparalleled flexibility. Put it in a cube shaped container, and it will take the shape of the container. Put it in the freezer to make a Popsicle and it will take the shape of the Popsicle. Heat it to extreme temperatures and it will evaporate. Water has the ability to take multiple forms. If mother nature decides that it’s time for wind, water has an amazing ability to embrace the winds of change. If we can bring that kind of flexibility into our lives, imagine how powerful our ability to deal with the obstacles of life will be.

Be unstoppable: This is one of my favorite qualities of water. When mother nature decides that it’s time, water is an unstoppable force of nature. Ocean waves are so powerful that they can roll up anything standing in their way. The momentum eventually builds to the point where no obstacle in the way will remain. I truly believe, we all have the ability to reach this peak performance zone in our lives as well.

Be Patient: I’ve mentioned this before in another blog post, but over time water has broken down massive rock forms, seeped into places where people thought it couldn’t get to, and dissolved things over millions of years. Talk about patience (a million years?). What this reminds of me of is the quote that Wayne Dyer mentioned in Manifest Your Destiny when he talked about the course of miracles. “Infinite patience brings immediate results.”

Be Peaceful: When the dust settles and the storm has calmed, water is amazingly peaceful. Go out to a beach at 6am and you will see an ocean that is more peaceful than it is at any other time of day. It’s exactly the same way you are (hopefully), when you wake from a proper night’s sleep.

It’s amazing that something as simple as water has such magical qualities. By emulating the qualities of water in our own lives, we can bring out the magic in ourselves.

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