Hello, and welcome. I'm glad you're here.

At times, life serves all of us more stress than we feel prepared to handle. Even though this isn't abnormal, when it happens to you, you feel frustrated, like you're not yourself, and left wondering if you have what it takes to find your way.

Counseling can help you work through the tough stuff, embrace your humanness, and thrive in balance.

Counseling can help you...

shift your relationship to
anxiety & depression

We all live with anxious and sad feelings. When these emotions are balanced, they feel normal and seem to add dramatic spice to our life. But, when we constantly feel them intensely, we feel self-critical and lose hope. You can use counseling to find emotional balance.

shift your problem behaviors

Problematic behaviors are just one part of a larger cycle of coping. You can learn to understand the function of your cycle, and develop skills to find a change that works for you (at your own pace). Learn how to use compassion to help the inner judge that fuels the whole process.

process your
grief & trauma

Most of us are touched by grief and trauma at some point in our lives. When it is not unprocessed, it can live on inside us and color the way we experience life. Learn to process the emotional, relational, physical, and spiritual underpinnings that prevent you from finding peace.

feel connected & skillful
in your relationships

We all want to feel connected and accepted for who we are in our relationships. Learn to use individual and/or couples counseling to support your autonomy and also find true connection in your friendships, family relationships, partnerships, and marriage.

learn to Flow
through life transitions

On a biological level, we prefer the safety of predictability, but we live in a world in which we are constantly faced with new information and unexpected changes. You can use counseling to help you thrive and feel supported during a period of adjustment.

find wellness
& personal growth

When we take care of ourselves, we experience more success in our jobs, roles, and relationships. We feel more loving towards ourselves and towards others. Learn to use counseling to learn about yourself, open your heart, and accept the many different parts of you.

Katie offers a calm and compassionate presence. She is sensitive, attuned and works with her clients with deep respect and great skill.
— Marilyn Hunt, MS, LMFT (Program Assistant at IFS level 1 training)
Katie has a wonderful presence about her. She exudes a deep peace and offers a safe place to talk. Combined with a curious and bright mind, this makes for a great therapist.
— Travis Stewart, LPC, NCC, Director of Regional Outreach for Castlewood Treatment Center